How Recast AI Improves Your Daily Reading Lifestyle and Boosts Productivity

Turn the articles you care about into easy-to-digest podcast convos using Al.

How Recast AI Improves Your Daily Reading Lifestyle and Boosts Productivity
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As developers and tech enthusiasts, allocating time for self-improvement and keeping up with our myriad of interesting reads is often a wishful aspiration. Whether it's news articles, productivity hacks, blog posts on learning a skill, or keeping up with your favorite newsletters, finding the time to sit down and read through lengthy articles can be challenging, especially when juggling a busy schedule in a constantly moving world.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could listen to these articles like podcasts? So I recently came across an app called "Recast AI," which is supposed to summarize articles into podcasts, offering a modern solution to traditional reading and transforming your reading routine into an engaging auditory experience, saving you time.

What Exactly is Recast?, or simply Recast, is an AI-powered app designed to take the articles you're keen on reading and brew them into short, lively podcast-style audio summaries, morphing a potentially time-consuming read into a brief, engaging listen. This is particularly handy for those bustling days when sitting down with a lengthy article is a far-off dream.

Whether jogging in the park, driving to work, or tidying up at home, Recast ensures your thirst for knowledge remains quenched. It's like having a personal narrator who succinctly unfolds the essence of all your "want-to-read" articles to you, allowing you to soak in the knowledge without anchoring yourself to a text. This way, your reading list becomes a playlist, bridging the textual world with the auditory, making consuming your articles online more flexible and enjoyable.

Recast is an ingenious way to enrich your reading experience and boost productivity, as it saves you time and helps you adapt to your bustling lifestyle. It's not just about saving time; it's about redefining how you interact with your reading list, turning the solitary act of reading into an interactive auditory session.

What Does Recast Sound Like?

Unlike typical robotic text-to-speech voices, Recast employs a conversational tone, making it easier to grasp the key points of articles in a more meaningful and enjoyable way. There's just something about the chatty nature of these podcasts that makes them more appealing than traditional audio summaries.

Think of a podcast series featuring two charming and smart hosts who read any topic you like and then discuss it in rich, beautiful voices. That's precisely how Recast sounds, and the voices are brought to life by Recast's powerful AI.

Why use Recast?

Recast promises to improve your life based on the following key benefits:

  • Saves you reading time: Recast acts as your personal news summarizer, delivering the crux of articles in a nutshell. Imagine the time you'd save when, instead of sifting through lengthy paragraphs, you get the core message delivered to your ears. This is especially beneficial in a world where time is of the essence, and staying updated is crucial.

  • Reduces screen time: In today's digital age, screen time has become synonymous with eye strain. Recast offers a refreshing break from the constant screen time by summarizing articles into podcasts. Now, mundane tasks like doing the dishes, commuting, or exercising become opportunities to catch up on the latest news or articles, all without having to stare at a screen.

  • Gain Deeper Insight: Recast's conversational tone is a game-changer. It's not just a robotic summary but an engaging narrative that explains the content to you in a way that enhances comprehension and retention of key information. This subtle shift from mere summarization to explanation is like having a knowledgeable friend explaining articles to you in a simple, digestible manner.

  • Discover interesting reads: The platform isn't just a solitary experience but a community where you can see what others have recast, helping you discover intriguing stories or important news you might have missed. It's a modern way to expand your horizons and stay informed about diverse topics.

  • Clear off your reading backlog: If you have multiple tabs open with articles you plan to read "someday," Recast is your go-to solution. It helps declutter your life by converting those open tabs and backlogs rotting in your inboxes and read-later newsletters into delightful podcast summaries. Now, your reading list becomes a listening list, making it more manageable and less daunting to get through.

  • Available across platforms: Recast is available as an iOS app, a feature-packed web app, and a Chrome extension for submitting articles.

How to Recast (How Does it Work)?

Recasting is straightforward. You can recast things yourself or explore the countless great recasts made by others. Create a free Recast account at and download the app or install the Chrome browser add-on extension.

Select any article you're curious about on the web (but have yet to read due to time constraints), or open a new tab and browse an interesting article. Click on the recast Chrome extension. Click on "recast it", and it'll do its little recasting magic, and in minutes, your Recast will be ready! Your unique recast conversation will pop up in both your app and inbox. It's truly hassle-free.

The experience is even more convenient in the mobile app, where you can use the in-browser feature in the Recast app to surf the web for an article or share any article you're reading in other apps directly to the Recast app using your phone's in-app sharing capability.


In conclusion, Recast seems to be a modern-day boon for those seeking to balance a busy life with the thirst for knowledge. It essentially molds itself around your lifestyle, ensuring that your quest for knowledge doesn't fall by the wayside amidst daily chores and responsibilities.

Recast is especially great for those who prefer auditory learning or those with hectic schedules, allowing you to absorb crucial content without investing much time. By leveraging the power of AI technology, Recast transforms your traditional reading habit into a more convenient, engaging, and effective podcast learning experience.